Music Lessons and tuition Fiveways, Brighton

For music tuition around Fiveways, Brighton and Hove, East Sussex. There are many musicians around Fiveways in Brighton who also provide tuition, from traditional piano lessons to rock schools in the area, including some who have performed on records that you will have heard but wont necessarily know.

There are also folk clubs held in local pubs and bars, as well as musical tuition for children on violin, guitar, mandolin, flute, recorder, saxophone, clarinet, oboe and cello local to Fiveways, Brighton. Choose from the teachers below.

Guitar, Singing or Mandolin lessons

for all ages, from highly experienced

female musician

and teacher.

Five ways based or home visits.

Hanna - 07814531711

Hannah Music Tuition

All ages and abilities welcome

Patient, friendly experienced teacher

Do grades or play just for fun

Help with instruments

Udita (Dip.Mus.Vienna): T.01273 556755

Full CRB/ DBS check